I’ve created this site to remind readers that there are millions of positive things that happen in world around us. If your world is like mine, you hear a never-ending stream of the bad things that happen. If we’re not careful, the negativity can overshadow the many good things that surround us.

My comments are not intended to whitewash or ignore real tragedy. There’s a time and place for dealing with tragic events. However life is too short to dwell only on the bad. As you read through my posts, you’ll see that I like to blend travels with spiritual and social commentary. That’s what God’s Great World is all about. I like to think of this blog as a travel blog with a social consciousness.

God has blessed me and my family to be able to travel all over the country, and as we do, I document little moments of greatness and share them with you. I hope that you will be inspired to think about your own travels and where you might be able encounter greatness, whether in the United States or abroad. I hope you will enjoy the periodic blog entries I write as a collection of experiences in this great world in which God has placed us. — Timothy Paul Westbrook, Ph.D.

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