Kim’s Cutz – The Quintessential Barber Shop

I first remember the barber shop at 109 E. Arch Street when my dad accompanied me to Harding University. I was barely 18 years old, and Searcy was a new place. I had lived in Texas all my life, and most of that time was in the suburbs of Houston. My hair cutting experiences centered around franchises with young aspiring beauticians with pretend names, and the red-white-and blue striped barber pole was the kind of thing one would see only in movies or television.

Yet, in 1991, while I was getting settled in my dorm, the barber signage on East Arch Street must have caught my dad’s attention. He checked it out and received a barber experience that took him back to his childhood. Just like that my immersion into small town Arkansas life had begun.

30 Years of Combined Experience

I don’t know how long a barber shop has been at 109 E. Arch Street, but it’s been there at least since the early 1960s. If you pass by today, you will still see the longstanding tradition now carried on by entrepreneur Kim Wyatt, who has been cutting hair for 16 years.

Kim’s Cutz began in August 2012. Kim, Madison, and Tony provide the quintessential barber shop experience for primarily a male audience in mind from young to old. The austere one room parlor has three barber chairs, a handful of seats for walk-in customers to wait, and a nice white-tail buck mounted on the wall. There’s a TV in the room as well, but most won’t need it to pass time. Kim and crew create a friendly atmosphere with plenty of conversation.

White Tail Buck mounted in the room

Trust the Expert

After receiving an invitation from Kim herself to check out the shop, I scheduled an appointment and paid them a visit. I was not disappointed. Between you and me, one of the things I fear the most in life is to be asked how I want my hair cut. Maybe it was Bubbles or Bambi in Fantastic Sam’s that scarred me, but I have never really been able to answer this question even though my hair style has never really changed—ever.

Kim was untouched by my lack of hair style knowledge, assessed the situation, and proceeded to help me look the same with shorter hair. What a relief! As she was finishing up, Kim then pulled out a soothing hot towel for my neck and completed the fine trimmings with a straight-edged razor. These extra details were new to me but were iconic for the personal care that Kim’s Cutz gives to each guest.

Network of Friendships

When I asked Kim what she would consider to be special about her business, she said that Kim’s Cutz is more than a business. It’s a network of friendships. Perhaps it’s this core value that led to the city of Searcy’s awarding Kim’s Cutz as being “Best of the Best” in 2016-18. As a new and now loyal customer, I can say that Kim has lived up to her goal of not only providing hair cuts but also treating her customers in and out of the shop with neighborly kindness. Kim’s Cutz is a perfect example of great people with small businesses that comprise the heart of our communities.

Kim Wyatt trimming the neck of a guest

For more information or to contact Kim, search Kim’s Cutz on Facebook, call (501) 230-4917, or simply drop by 109 E. Arch Street, Searcy, Arkansas.