It’s Time for a Change: God’s Great World

A little more than a year ago I started this blog with an idea that I still think is a good idea. I never liked the “again” part of “make America great again” slogan of President Donald Trump. The use of “again” is backward thinking and it points to a utopian golden era that has never really existed. The slogan can be and perhaps has been an effective campaign tool as people insert what they wish into this imagined golden era.

While I do like the idea of restoring some principles and values of the past, my hesitation with MAGA lies in that no golden era ever really existed. There have always been crises to overcome, and in each turn of the pages of the American story, good people have had to figure out meaningful solutions for their particular crises of the day. In short, “again” implies a reinstatement of a myth and ignores the problems of earlier days that continue to have an impact on the present.

In order to push back against that “again” mentality, I created a site in which I could focus on the current every day “greatness” we see in the United States. I named this site the Great America Blog. Although I really liked this concept of focusing on great people and places, after a year of writing and thinking about writing new entries, I have decided that the vision I had for the blog ought not to be limited to things that happen in the United States. Furthermore, I felt as if the blog could send political undertones that I did not wish to send. In short, this first year has allowed me to search deep into my own ways of thinking and perceiving the world, and a blog called “Great America Blog” was not true to myself or to the message I wished to convey.

If you have been one of my 111 readers, you have seen that I have focused on three major themes. First, I have written posts about Civil Rights and social justice. That theme is important to me. I care about fairness and righteousness because it is the right thing to do. My value system is powered by my faith in Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible. I no longer wish to give the impression that my value system is restricted to secular American social ethics. My faith in God directs my social ethics, and my reflections of social problems are filtered through this Christian lens.

Second, and related to the first, my readers have seen that sometimes I get religious. I make no apologies for my expression of praise or confession of faith. The only thing I might regret is if I have not been transparent enough about my religious perspective.

Third, my stories usually are cast within a journey. I have said often when I describe this blog that it’s a travel blog with a social consciousness. I still like to think of the blog in this way. My wife and kids and I have been blessed to see a lot of amazing places and people and not just in the United States. While many of our trips are simply for personal enjoyment, I would like to think that this blog gives me a chance to turn a fun trip into an inspiring journey for others who get to read second hand what we encountered. If you continue to follow this blog, you will continue to see plenty of pictures of places and hear about our experiences in the U.S. and beyond. I will continue to throw in a few travel hacks and details about the locations.

With these core principles in mind, I have decided to broaden the scope of this blog beyond travels in the United States. I have also decided to be more deliberate about inserting my Christian faith in the posts, and I would prefer to abstain from the hint of political undertones. Therefore, I have renamed the blog. It is no longer the “Great America Blog”; rather the site is now “God’s Great World” blog. Hopefully, as you continue to travel with us around the world that you will be inspired by my brief reflections and be pointed toward the one whom I believe stands behind it all. I am still looking for great people and places, but this time I’m reporting in a way that is more authentic to my own identity.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you will continue to follow this site, give your encouraging feedback, and share with me stories of your own.